A thousand years in the making

A SHAWOOD home unites more than a thousand years of Japanese culture with technological precision born from decades of design research done by its parent company, Sekisui House. By applying the most advanced manufacturing processes to a legendarily sophisticated design sensibility, we are able to create homes that not only last for generations, but grow more beautiful with time.

All for the love of humanity

Japan, 1960. Sekisui House opens its doors as a residential developer and homebuilder, driven by a love of humanity and the audacious idea that home should be more than where people live—it should be the happiest place on earth.

In 1995, when the Great Hanshin Earthquake in Japan killed or injured over 50,000 people and displaced over 300,000 more, the tragedy inspired the company’s determination to build stronger, safer, more resilient homes in the future—and along the way adopted “love of humanity” as its philosophy.

A bold vision for the future

In 2020 Sekisui House announced a global vision to make home the happiest place in the world—a place where people can live joyful lives in safe, secure, comfortable and lasting homes in the era of the 100-year lifespan. The company’s Sustainability Vision 2050 includes goals that will be reached by working with business partners and stakeholders all over the world. By incorporating these goals into its business strategies, the company will continue to increase its corporate value, and its value to society.


Bringing the vision to life

In 1995, the SHAWOOD brand was born of this vision, with the mission of redefining what homes should be. Simply put, we believe a home should go beyond protecting you and your family from the elements, to actively enriching your life. Today, Sekisui house is the largest homebuilder in the world, and SHAWOOD is its flagship brand. With more than 85,000 homes under our belt, we’ve mastered the craft of building homes focused on family, while building a sustainable future.

Uniting over one thousand years of culture with decades of research and precision processes.

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