Welcome to SHAWOOD. Your home, your refuge, your legacy

Your home should be the happiest place in the world, and we’re driven to bring that vision to fruition. The strength, durability and personalization capabilities of our proprietary manufacturing systems mean you’ll experience unwavering quality and consistent performance throughout your home.

So even if there’s a storm raging outside, inside you’ll be relaxing in superior comfort, making memories and preserving them for generations to come.

We innovate relentlessly, and it’s all for you

Our 30-year history of innovation is baked into every home we build, and thanks to our small army of engineers that have designed, tested and fine-tuned their way to nearly 800 patents, we keep pushing the homebuilding industry forward. All in an effort to build your perfect home, your happiest place on earth.

One-of-a-kind construction method

If you’re going to love your home over the long term, it needs to be a strong, durable, stress-free shelter, where you can enjoy life without worrying about the walls falling down around you. Our homes combine the natural materials of wood and earth with advanced technology, to ensure lasting superior performance.


Our unique hybrid structure

We’ve merged the advantages of rigid-frame homes with a monocoque structure (an outer skin or shell that counters stresses and loads), to create a solution that allows us to include architectural elements like expansive glass walls and oversized doors, providing more design freedom while better withstanding the elements.


Even our structural wood is tailor-made for your home


The wood for your home is far more than just boards cut to a standard length at a sawmill, and then cut on site in typical 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 construction. Our factory’s precision production, processing and shipping system controls the quality of the work end to end.


We precision-cut each beam for your home, along with holes and slits for metal fittings. Then the metal joints are pre-cut and pre-set based on your home’s design, right before we send materials to the construction site.


Our tailor-made approach allows for high-precision production, improves accuracy and minimizes work at the construction site—all of which saves time.

Bringing out the strength of the wood

Now consider the posts and beams that frame our homes. Their timber is harvested at peak maturity. Planks are factory milled to precise specifications, layered and bonded for extra strength, treated to protect against moisture and termites, and bolted together on site. Not nailed. Bolted.


Superior, glue-laminated wood

SHAWOOD posts and beams are made from glue-laminated wood. Used in the largest wooden domes in the world, sports arenas and other massive weight-bearing structures, glue-laminated wood is created by gluing multiple layers of boards together to create lamina. This method eliminates the cracks and imperfections in the source wood, transforming it into the highest strength and quality. Because each lamina can be graded for its level of strength, we’re able to tailor the wood we use based on its intended purpose, location, and strength requirements.


We’re in it (with you) for the long run

We want you to be happy in your home for decades to come. That means we’ll build our relationship with you as thoughtfully as we built your home. On a foundation of trust, satisfaction and integrity—before the sale, throughout construction, and with regular inspections that continue far into the future.

Precision, innocation, and a personalized design approach keep your stories safe with us.

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