A carbon footprint that treads lightly

We believe a healthier home requires a healthier home planet (and we think you do, too). So we harvest our wood from sustainably certified forests, and plant two trees for every one we take. But we don’t stop there. We recycle construction waste into renewable resources, and minimize each home’s carbon footprint by using airtight construction methods, advanced insulation, efficient lighting, and enhanced airflow.

Strong and sustainably sourced wood

We follow our own unique, ethical and environmentally sensitive wood-sourcing guidelines, harvesting wood that has matured for 80-120 years in the optimal cold climates that create tight growth rings. We also consider the societies of the wood’s origin (e.g. forest-certified wood, wood that has not been logged illegally, or wood that comes from forests the local residents are actively maintaining).



Responsibility feels good

When you feel good about what’s gone into building your home, you feel better about yourself. By using sustainably sourced materials and manufacturing and construction techniques that help heal the planet, and offering clean energy options—we help you create an environment that sustains your health and wellbeing, and is good for mother nature, too.

We create homes that aren't just beautiful--they're healthier too.
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