Becoming more beautiful over time

SHAWOOD communities and homes are built on the Japanese principle of Keinen-bika—becoming more beautiful over time. Like pottery, our proprietary Bellburn ceramic exterior wall panels are born from earth, fire and glaze. This means each tile is unique, and each wall exudes a warm earthenware feeling, with one-of-a-kind character.

Traditional beauty meets strength

We then apply precision technology to our finished tiles, to ensure decades-long color quality and enhanced resistance to the elements, with very little maintenance. Your home is one of your biggest assets, and this is our way of helping you maintain and increase its value over generations.


Stubbornly resistant

Bellburn ceramic tiles resist earthquakes, fire, fading, and even scratches. Keeping the ravages of time and nature at bay does more than keep a home beautiful and maintenance free. It keeps you safe—and that’s where true happiness begins.



Similar to pottery, Bellburn has a strong resistance to fire. Bellburn tiles are fired at approximately 2012°F, which is 468 degrees hotter than the average house fire. The outside of a house is exposed to roughly 1,500°F temperatures when there is a fire in a wood-framed house about 10 feet away, but with our fire-resistant cladding, the inside of the wall is kept to below 212°F—well below the flame point of wood (500°F).



Our Bellburn wall panels undergo rigorous testing, and are proven to offer maximum earthquake resistance.



A SHAWOOD house is designed and built to give you more time to enjoy life. Because Bellburn walls keep their true color and look like new over decades—even in harsh weather climates—you can spend less time (and money) maintaining your home, and more of both doing things that make you happy.

Bellburn ceramic wall panels protect your family while making your home beautiful.
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