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Resilience. It’s a powerful word. It means toughness; having the ability to withstand or recover quickly from difficult situations. At SHAWOOD, we build homes that are timeless and resilient. Homes that blend seamlessly with the outdoors, while protecting you from harsh weather, natural disasters, and related power outages.

Our proprietary framing system

Unlike conventional homes, where lumber is cut on site and nailed together, SHAWOOD’s framing is a complete system—making it stronger, more precise, and offering more design flexibility—while greatly minimizing waste and construction time. Our homes are precision-built to fit together as a perfect unit.



Close enough isn’t good enough

Our framing system consists of a series of wooden posts, beams and metal joints that have been pre-cut to precision for each individual home. This lets us build you a home that is earthquake resistant and can withstand extreme weather, while keeping you safe and comfortable inside.

We use precision technology to increase strength and safety, while eliminating waste.

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