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Your home warranty

We’ve Got You Covered

When you choose a SHAWOOD home, you’re embracing a legacy of peace of mind. Our commitment to your happiness extends beyond the moment of closing, promising you a lifetime of joy in the happiest place on earth, home.



Your dwellingLIVE Library

dwellingLIVE is your comprehensive library of essential documents; providing you with everything you need in one convenient location.

Here are some of the things you’ll find there:

Closing Documents
HOA Information

Experience peace of mind with dwellingLIVE as your home’s go-to resource for a hassle-free home.


Sommers Bend HOA Portal

Access the Sommers Bend HOA Portal for an easily accessible connection to your community. Stay updated with the latest announcements, guidelines, and schedules from the Homeowners Association. The portal provides a central hub for fostering community involvement and ensuring you’re always in the loop. Embrace the convenience and clarity that comes with being an informed member of the Sommers Bend community.