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Features of a SHAWOOD home

Welcome to a new age of homebuilding

A SHAWOOD home is unlike any other. Reflecting a thousand years of tradition combined with decades of research, culminating in proprietary technology and construction practices that set new industry standards, our homes are in every way fit to be called your happiest place in the world. 

For starters, we believe a healthier home requires a healthier planet. That’s why we use sustainable building practices, and sustainably sourced materials. With that as a foundation, our proprietary technology and construction practices include a framing system that allows for unparalleled precision, insulation that can be adjusted to the structure of a home based on its local climate, Bellburn earthquake- and fire-resistant ceramic wall panels, and other features that provide superior safety, comfort, and energy efficiency. 


One-of-a-kind character

SHAWOOD communities and homes embody the Japanese principle of Keinen-bika—becoming more beautiful over time. As it ages, a SHAWOOD home takes on a unique character, and tells a story that reflects your life and memories. 

 This human-centered design approach is based on decades of our own research into what makes you most comfortable and happy at home. Because fresh air and sunlight improve wellbeing, our homes allow for high ceilings, atriums, expansive, floor-to-ceiling windows and other features that that dissolve the boundaries between indoors and out, to create beautiful, harmonious, healthy living spaces.