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Features of a SHAWOOD home

Welcome to a new age of homebuilding

Our proprietary technology provides unparalleled precision and customer-centric design flexibility, setting a new standard for creating homes that are beautiful and resilient—fit to be called your happiest place in the world.

Sustainable construction

We believe a healthier home requires a healthier planet. That’s why we build your home using sustainably sourced materials, and recycle construction waste into renewable resources. Our timber is harvested at peak maturity from sustainably certified forests, and we plant two trees for every one we take.


Unparalleled precision

While conventional homes are built with lumber that’s nailed together, our proprietary framing system consists of a series of wooden posts, beams and metal joints that are pre-cut for each individual home, bolted together on site (not nailed—bolted), and allow for only a two-penny variance in width—whereas industry standards range from 20 to 40 pennies of variance.

This means a SHAWOOD home is stronger, offers more design flexibility, minimizes waste and construction time—and is able to withstand its environment while keeping you safe and comfortable inside.

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Bellburn technology

Bellburn ceramic wall panels, a feature unique to SHAWOOD homes, are a revolutionary type of tile designed to combine the beauty of traditional ceramics with the latest manufacturing techniques. They resist color fading, scratches, moisture, fire and even earthquakes­­­­­­ to protect your home against the ravages of weather, and even natural disasters.

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Design centered on you

SHAWOOD homes are designed with intention, and crafted based on decades of research, data, and wellbeing practices. All to keep you safe and comfortable in your home.


One-of-a-kind character

SHAWOOD communities and homes are built and designed on the Japanese principle of Keinen-bika—becoming more beautiful over time. As it ages, a SHAWOOD home takes on a unique character and tells a story that reflects your life and memories.

Seamless environments

Our homes reflect beauty, sophistication and strength that’s inspired by the beauty of the natural world surrounding them. Open floor plans, high ceilings, atriums and expansive windows invisibly bridge vast interior spaces with your surrounding environment.

That transition to nature is so seamless, you may not know where inside ends and the outside begins. These features work together to create a sense of visual calm that decreases anxiety, and promotes greater peace of mind.


Grounded in nature

Fresh air and sunlight have a direct impact on your health and wellbeing. By dissolving the boundaries between the inside and outside with features such as our floor-to-ceiling Clearview Design windows, we create homes that aren’t just beautiful—they’re healthier, too.

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Advanced insulation

Air and temperature play an important role in creating year-round comfort. We adjust the insulation and structure of the home itself to adapt to changes in your local climate, keeping you warm or cool, depending on the season.


Superior energy efficiency

Our homes are engineered to allow you to enjoy the benefits of fresh air and sunlight throughout the year, while curbing the expense of air conditioning. From air purification systems to Zero Energy Ready features and options, you’ll be able to create a consistently comfortable and energy-efficient home.

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