Building quality of life since 1960

SHAWOOD is the flagship brand of Japan’s largest homebuilder, Sekisui House. We’ve crafted more than 85,000 SHAWOOD homes since 1995 — each one built to meet families’ needs and elevate their day-to-day life. These homes are focused on your family and a sustainable future.

Japanese craftsmanship and technology

A SHAWOOD home is the culmination of more than a thousand years of Japanese design, culture and craftsmanship. It unites a focus on precision, family and technology born from decades of research at Sekisui House’s advanced Design Center in Kyoto, Japan.

Building a better home in the U.S.

Of the 85,000 SHAWOOD homes built worldwide since 1995, this is the premiere group of SHAWOOD homes being offered in the U.S. We believe SHAWOOD’s focus on families, functionality, the future, safety and superior design will raise the standard of quality in the U.S. housing industry, opening the door to a new way of living.

A location you'll love

SHAWOOD Sommers Bend is a community as thoughtfully designed as the homes that comprise it. From beautiful social spaces to resort-style amenities, Sommers Bend offers the best of Southern California living—all from wellness-focused homes that are built to fit the lifestyle you want.