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Who we are and what we believe in

At SHAWOOD, we know a home is so much more than a house. It’s where your happiness resides. A refuge to comfort and protect you. Our homes are designed to fit your unique lifestyle, and stay flexible through every season of your life.

Built on the science of happiness

SHAWOOD homes unite a thousand years of Japanese culture with research-driven technological precision. In 1990, we launched one of the world’s largest research and development centers dedicated to studying the home’s relationship to happiness. What we’ve learned informs an ever-growing range of design options crafted to satisfy every lifestyle.

The end result is a home that feels like it was built for you—because it was.

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A bold vision for the future

We understand that what you need isn’t a one-size-fits-all home design. You need a home that considers the whole you—your lifestyle and personality, what’s important to you, your needs for today and your aspirations for the future.

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A safe home is where happiness begins 

Through decades of research into what makes families feel safe and comfortable, we’ve discovered what it takes to engineer homes that protect you, while elevating your comfort and quality of life.

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A perfect fit for the whole you 

Your lifestyle, values, needs and aspirations guide us in creating the perfect home for you and your family—a stress-free sanctuary designed to evolve with every stage of your life.

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A personalized experience

We take the time to learn about you and your needs, so we can help you find a home that perfectly fits your lifestyle.

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Built to last, with advanced technology 

A forever home should be a strong, durable shelter—one that stands the test of time, enriches your environment and grows more beautiful as it ages.


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