Design that serves body and mind

Whether you know it or not, you’re in a relationship with your home. When it speaks to you, it should be to comfort and lift you up, inspire you, and make you happy. Whether by sheer beauty of the environment, helping you organize chaos, or helping you connect with loved ones, your home should boost your mental state.

The science of happiness

It’s more than just a nice idea—your home can literally be engineered to improve your outlook. Doing so takes uncommon thinking, and deep insights into things like what makes families feel safe and comfortable, how personality drives preference, and how needs evolve over time.



To gain these insights, in 1990 Sekisui House launched one of the world’s largest research and development centers dedicated to the study of home and its relation to happiness, and today what we’ve learned informs an ever-growing range of design options to satisfy an ever-widening range of lifestyles.

Timeless beauty, designed to evolve with you

Your home should cater to the needs of your family, not the other way around. So rather than asking you to force your family into a one-size-fits-all design, we consider the whole you—your lifestyle and personality, what’s important to you, your needs for today and aspirations for the future—and let all of that inform and guide us in creating your forever home.

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Design to dream about

You have many options for creating a home that mirrors your personality and adds character. All engineered with intention, to protect you and the environment while elevating your comfort and quality of life.

  • Generous lots and innovative architecture
  • Unique, dramatic and flexible floor plans that evolve with you
  • Refined interior design and details like soaring ceilings and dramatic staircases
  • Window walls with views for days, expansive glass doors, atriums and more
  • Spa-like bathrooms, walk-in closets, wine rooms
  • Water filtration and air purification systems, and Zero Energy home options
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How do you define beauty?

For us, beauty lies at the happy intersection of form and function. It’s what you see on the surface, but also what goes on below the surface. Or above and around, as the case may be.

Expansive glass walls that blur the lines between outside and in are beautiful, but so are multipurpose living spaces like “homework zones” that can be converted into storage, or perfectly invisible state-of-the-art technology throughout your home. Ceiling height and proportions come into play, too, because they impact how relaxing and comforting a space feels.


Living with nature makes you happy

Studies have long shown the health benefits of living with nature for adults and children, and more recently have proven that viewing dynamic nature scenes (versus a nature-themed wallpaper, for example) triggers a physical pleasure response in the brain.* Understanding this, our design philosophy is based on encouraging a relationship with your home that extends beyond its doors. Sprawling indoor-outdoor spaces, expansive windows (even floor-to-ceiling),and atriums all combine to make you feel at one with nature.


Redefining climate control

When you think of controlling the climate in your home, you probably think about temperature. That’s part of it, but light and air play an important role in creating year-round comfort, too. So we adjust the structure of the building itself to adapt to changes in your local climate. For example, in hot climates, we create ideal places for the breeze to breeze through, while designing eaves to protect homes from harsh summer sun. In the winter, lower-angle wide windows and openings let the sun shine in.

Homes designed to fit your unique lifestyle and flexible enough to evolve with your needs.
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