Arrive at your stress-free sanctuary

SHAWOOD homes are built to protect you from interior and exterior environmental stresses, helping to keep you and your loved ones safe, comfortable, and happy.

Uniquely designed. Distinctly yours.

With open floorplans, high ceilings, beautiful visible beams and best-in-class building materials and finishes, you’ll feel the character and warmth of a SHAWOOD home the moment you enter. The modern-minimalist design is highly functional and space-efficient, with generous interior and exterior spaces made for living life how you like it.

After more than 25 years, SHAWOOD is bringing its unique approach to homebuilding from Japan to the U.S. with this exclusive collection of six homes, starting in the low $2 million price range.

The perfect home is effortless

SHAWOOD homes are built as complete, integrated systems, seamlessly improving the functionality and durability of every inch of your living space.

Breathe easier

Expect excellent interior air quality with an advanced air filtration system and low- and no-VOC building products — including the paint, flooring and adhesives.

Less energy, more comfort

SHAWOOD builds energy-efficient homes designed for continuous comfort with superior insulation and ENERGY STAR® appliances.

Minimal maintenance

SHAWOOD homes are precision crafted and therefore require less maintenance than conventionally built homes. Industry-leading building materials, flooring, cabinetry and finishes and no-fade, proprietary Bellburn porcelain cladding means much less work, stress and headaches for you.

A forever home

With easy-update features, structural rigidity, timeless and modern home design and a coveted location, these new Summerlin SHAWOOD homes are built to last.

Attention to what matters

A smarter home is better built, longer lasting and more enjoyed. Each SHAWOOD home has a secure, precision-crafted structure, fire-resistant cladding and a focus on a sustainable future.

Strength that keeps you safe

Unlike conventional homes, a SHAWOOD home’s framing is designed as a complete system. Rather than nailing lumber together, we build our homes to fit together as a near-perfect unit. Our proprietary framing system is the result of decades of research and testing. Find peace of mind in a strong, sturdy and long-lasting home.

Superior air and sound comfort

We create a tight, well-insulated home with advanced air filtration that is both air-tight and breathes well, helping you breathe better too. Additionally, inside-outside noise transfer is minimal — ensuring privacy and peace for your family.

Start your path home

These six homes are located in the Ridges in Summerlin — one of the most renowned communities in Southern Nevada. Aside from the many amenities and sweeping scenery that surround you, find peace of mind in a gated community that prioritizes safety, security and privacy.

Love your location

Summerlin offers excellent schools and activities; parks and trails; diverse, interesting neighbors; great arts, sports, culture and dining; and a thriving downtown.

A vibrant, rich community

Summerlin offers musicals, theater, art shows, outdoor evening concerts, a weekly farmers market and a vibrant dining scene. It’s also home to the Nevada Ballet Theatre and the Summerlin Library and Performing Arts Center.

Space for mental, physical and spiritual wellness

Summerlin features four private gyms and its own hospital. The diverse and numerous houses of worship (14 total) cover a range of faiths and denominations. You’re welcome here.

Hit the trails

Summerlin currently has more than 150 miles of trails, and growing. Between the existing and evolving street-side, village, regional and natural trails, you’ll find your own path.

Jog, swim, play, relax

Every Summerlin village has been designed around a major park or golf course. The largest of the 250 parks have swimming pools; lighted soccer, baseball and football fields; and lighted basketball, tennis and volleyball courts.

Discover SHAWOOD

SHAWOOD homes are a product of Japan’s largest homebuilder, Sekisui House. These homes are built and delivered in the U.S. by our subsidiary, Woodside Homes. Together, we’ve paved the way for this coveted new community of homes.