Disaster prevention starts at home
Today, the ever-increasing number and severity of weather events and natural disasters can put the safety and comfort of your family at risk. Whether rolling power outages, wildfire or something unforeseen, this can compromise your home's ability to function normally. But all SHAWOOD homes come with our Zero Energy Essential package included as standard, to help your home produce and store its own energy—and keep the lights (and more!) on when the power's off.*
Why Zero Energy matters
Because the main function of a house is to provide safety and comfort while keeping the outside world out, all our homes come with our Zero Energy Essential package included as standard. To put it simply, a Zero Energy home is one that, if it has a renewable energy system, produces as much energy as it consumes. Our Essential package does that, but you have another option, too.
Choose your level of protection
While all our homes come with our Zero Energy Essential package included as standard, you can upgrade to our Zero Energy Resilience package, which offers even more protection—making it possible for your entire home to run on battery-powered solar, even during rolling blackouts and natural disasters. Both packages will give you greater peace of mind, and help lower your electric bill in the process.
The advantages of a Zero Energy home
More stable temps
Minimizes temperature fluctuations, for better health and more comfort
More independence
Lowers electric bills because the home produces its own energy
Reduced emissions
Supports environmental sustainability by saving energy, and reducing carbon emissions and greenhouse gases
Reduced costs
Cuts cost of future renovations because the home meets energy regulations from time of purchase
Getting to know EDR
EDR stands for Energy Design Rating, and is the California Energy Commission's standard for measuring a home's energy efficiency. The lower the score, the more energy efficient the home. A home with an EDR score of 0 is a Zero Energy home, meaning it produces as much energy through renewable resources, like solar panels, as it consumes. A SHAWOOD home that includes one of our Zero Energy packages (Essential or Resilience) can achieve an EDR score of 0.
Nature's worst meets our best
Zero Energy Resilience
Our ZE Resilience package keeps even more of your home up and running—for up to six days*—in the event of a power outage.
4 integrated battery storage systems, which enable you to power more critical areas of your home
24-36 solar panels
2 electric vehicle (EV) chargers
Zero Energy Essential
Our Essential package is included as standard in every SHAWOOD home, and allows you to produce and store solar energy in your home.
1 integrated battery storage system to back up critical circuits in the event of a power outage
19-27 solar panels
1 electric vehicle (EV) charger
* Varies depending on time of year
When it comes to having the protection you want, when you need it — we've got your back-up